How Does It Work?

As Friendlees is all shiny and new, we’ve taken a gamble on what we think you will want from the group. Over time we hope that you, our members will take the lead and share or create the events that you want to go to.  The great thing is, that however weird and wonderful, there are hopefully some other weird and wonderful people out there to go with you! 


Membership is free and open to any adult in Kirklees, regardless of age, gender, ability, disability. You don’t need to join, sign up, fill out application forms or get a membership card.  For most of the events you can simply just turn up (walks, coffee/pub meet ups etc) but, for some events, we will need to know exact numbers, sell tickets and organise transport for people who need it.

Getting to Events

We will try and tell you about transport options and whether transport is included when we publicise events, and we will do what we can to make sure you can get there. It might be that you need help with transport, are a bit nervous about coming on your own, or would like a bit of company for the journey. Hopefully we’ll be able to match you with a Friendlees Volunteer or other members of the club, but whatever the situation, please talk to us to see if we can help.


So, with a friendship group like this, we all need to be mindful of personal safety and be aware of potential problems with things like swapping contact details, messaging people, and offering and accepting lifts from people you don’t know.  We need everyone to be respectful of each other, smart and responsible for their own safety. 

Safety in the Facebook Group

In the Facebook group, please only private message someone if you have first spoken to them in the comments of a post and have agreed that private messaging is OK. Messaging out of the blue may make some people feel uncomfortable, and we don’t want that.  If you do feel uncomfortable at any time, either in the real world or virtual one, please contact us or speak to Kelly privately so that we can sort it out.

Get Involved

The success of Friendlees depends on you, and you can be part of the conversation at any time by sharing your ideas and events and giving us your feedback.

We are also looking forward to building a team of enthusiastic people who have a little or a lot of time to offer to help us with our mission. Friendlees Volunteers will help new members settle in, help with travel arrangements, and be company for people on their own. Ultimately we’ll also need people who can help us develop and grow, particularly those who like fundraising or helping with admin and organising. If it sounds like you, please get in touch.

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